Tuesday, October 25, 2011

  The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow has been adapted into film many times before Tim Burton directed, Sleepy Hollow. The film adaption completely changes the story and takes liberty on the plot and the characters.

  In the 'original' short story, by Washington Irvine, Ichabod, a superstitious man of manners, becomes a teacher in Sleepy Hollow. He does not really fall in love with the other main character, Katrina Van Tassel, but actually wants her family’s home and their way of life. He looks at

her as the only way to gain the Van Tassels wealth.

   But in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, the main character, Ichabod, is not a teacher but rather a police constable who was sent from New York to investigate various murders in the town. The headless horseman was being used to kill various local landowners. But in Sleepy Hollow, Katrina and Ichabod take on a romantic relationship, contrasting with the Washington Irvine's short story. In Washington's short story, Katrina Van Tassel takes on the role of a flirty woman who can be easily be won by any man who she sees. And Brom does have a major role in the movie, he ends up dying really early in the movie and doesn't have any significance. But in the short story, Brom is one of the main characters because the reader assumes he is the one who scared Ichabod away by pretending to become the headless horseman.
  Although the movie cuts a lot of the original and completely changes the plot and characters, the original isn't at all that interesting. Even though it does have some humor, the story unravels quite quick and doesn't add any moral or lesson, neither does it scare anyone.