Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reponse to Ben's Remarks on the Indians

   I fully comprehend Ben's analysis/story on the African Americans and i am very surprised of what he says about the Indians. In the traditional History class, we learn about the Indians but not a lot about their customs and ways of being. And Ben's testimonial clarifies that Indians are not really savages. they are closer to being the perfect utopia. we do not think of a utopia being so simple and primal. but Indians had really good customs and were very respectful unlike the world we live in today. if the world were to follow the ways of the Indians, we would know peace and community as a whole. Europeans entering the Americas did not understand that the Indians were a simple community that would have had peace throughout many year if it weren't for the colonial intervention which destroyed their customs and ideas.
   Europeans idea of a peaceful world was organization and such. But the Indians had a near perfect way of life, because only simple things can be organized successfully. The Indians lived a life a pure happiness which didn't include any of the evils the world holds today. Even though the 'Americans' viewed the Indians as savages, they were merely different and held better, happier and healthier lives than the Europeans. For any human trying to create a utopia, I believe that the Indian society was a perfect example.

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